Thursday, April 24, 2008


How I love the seasons of the year
they are so special individually
the summer, fall, winter and springwhen once quiet things, start to sing
The summer, so beautiful and sunny
having fun, swimming with friends
coming home, light the grill
and sit outside late, being silly and funny
The fall, when the trees start to slow downthe leaves turn into bright, different colors
and the mornings and evenings are fresh and cool
yet soon there
after, once gorgeous leaves turn brown
The winter, things look bare and sad
life seems to hide in the forrest's for rest
and what once was lively and busy, now sleeps
until the springtime comes and creation turns glad
How much we do enjoy and love them
each year has its own gorgeous beauty
so take note of the incredible creation
for each season shines and sparkles as a gem

Water's Crimson Tears

Rise, fall, rise again
Stop not until the shore's seen
Listen to the waves

Whale culling frenzy
the ocean weeps crimson tears
one staining your flag.

Winter Bride

Sparkling gown of snow
veil spun from the finest silk
icicles her crown

Virginal white bride
mother nature stands alone
crying crystal tears.

Never land

There is a boy who swings in the park,Every single day.Seems to have been watching you,With every move you make.One morning You sat on the swings,As he went and got a drink.Then he comes, and takes your hand,Says please come with me.Sense he is just merely a child, You decide to follow him.He leads you behind a house,And whispers words so dear."come with me to never land,And leave this world behind".You think the child is kidding,Or lacking in the mind.So you do the simplest thing,And ask him "today"The boy looks you in the eyes,And said "do u not believe?"You figure not to lie to him,So you say "no i guess i don't"Then the boys takes your hand, and says please come with me.He tells you to shut Ur eyes,And think a happy though.So u humor the boy and,Do what as he wants.He takes your hand, And up you drift without knowing a thing.The boy says don't open them yet,Your not ready to see.Then the boy says don't be scared,When you see where it is you are.You begin to wonder,How much more this fairy tale wonders.You agree, and the boys says,Open them slow and breath,You do as he says,And you find it hard to believe.The boy says quick, "please come with meTime is running out, ifYou wish to come with me please figure it out."You stumble over the decision,But yet you float in mid-air,How much more will it take,To prove this boy is real.When you were just a chide,You heard stories of the place.Hoping some day you could simple,Vanish to that place.So you look him in the eyes,As you float throughout the air.You say "yes i wish to go,Please just take me there".So he grips your shaking hand,And nods his head in thanks.Then he simple floats away,Considering the weight.He takes you away to never land,To be a child again,surrender him your sadness,Be a child once again.


A place thats far away from home As far away as can be In my story my fairytale. I say what can and cant bewhen happiness swimsin a deep blue lagoon and hope begins to dance on the soft supple clouds. If faith takes a leap and trust lays its heart on the lineno time can be measured in this place thats truly mine

Lost Friends

I don't wanna cost you love,& i don't wanna lose my bro who i love.but, this girl is costing me more,then the time before.I don't want you to lose the girl you love,but, what if that means i'm gonna lose my brother & my best friend who i love.this hurts worse then beforecause i think you're more in love when before.& I'm scared that you're going to walk away to the girl you love.but, i don't wanna lose my brother who i love.i don't want it to be a replay of before.but if it's gonna make you happier then you have ever been before,then i'll let you go bro,even if that means i lose my bro who i good-bye bro,i'll miss you more then i ever have before.but, i hope this makes you happy for forever and more.

Nature's call

Crashing, foaming,They kiss the shore,Teasing, taunting me,Beckoning to look beyond The endless, endless sea.Scanning, squintingI try to seeWhat lies affront the eye,But when another wave kisses, I forget the vision that passed me by.Bending, picking,What remains,I glance afar once more,I dream of winning the fates again,Until it strikes me like before.Fleeting, passing,This petty life,The little enamours me,The meaning of life lies ahead,This, I am afraid to see.Waiting, hoping,I gather age,As my eye shrivels in sizeAlas, the sun has dimmed so now,MY life has left me blind.